Ecomuseum of Aínsa

The 13 metre high model of a mountain brings visitors closer to the flora and fauna of the valleys of the high mountains of the Pyrenees.  Highly realistic in its execution, visitors can experience the magic of observing an otter, a pine tree, a Bearded Vulture or an Edelweiss flower up close. 

The Ecomuseum of Aínsa is located in the village castle and, in addition to showing the diversity of the Pyrenees, it has a shelter for birds of prey that can no longer fend for themselves.

The museum is managed by the Foundation for the Conservation of the Bearded Vulture, and its exhibition "Pyrenees, a world of many worlds" is the central axis of the visit.  It comprises three storeys and eight rooms to educate and raise awareness regarding sustainable development and conservation of biodiversity.  Interpretation panels in several languages and in Braille and an audiovisual piece accompany the visitor at Aínsa Castle.  More information at and on (+34) 974 500 597.

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